We Have Built A Platform For Investing Into Cryptocurrency Mining And Trading

We are reinventing the most efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies to bring consistent returns to our investors. With a secure, smart and easy to use platform.

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What is Modern Stock Exchange ?

Modern Stock Exchanges participates in providing cloud server mining and incorporates Proof of Stake (PoS) using Quantum AI trading technology, developed by a Group of Experts in the field of IT and Cryptocurrencies

The main product idea is effective disparate computing resources appliance. We tend to unite investors, including newcomers, on a single platform together.

Our customers’ trust is based on obvious evidence: they honestly get their income every day

Modern Stock Exchange Feature

Ecosystem Key Features

The Modern Stock Exchange combines cryptocurrency mining and using AI technology to trade on the cryptocurrency market


Cryptocurrency mining servers are available in many countries around the world, along with a dedicated and modern mining system.


Your personal information and funds stored on our platform are secure with a multi-layer system and servers


The system generates passive income and optimizes profits with automatic compounding activation


Win together. We deduct a part of our profits to reward investors after monthly, quarterly depending on the investor's investment plan.

Our Roadmap

March 2022

Over 1,000 Investor on site.

July 2022

Over 4,000 Investor on site

May 2023

Launched of mobile Apps

August 2023

Modern Stock Exchange preparation & Press Tour

October 2023

Start Token Sale Round (1)

December 2023

Partnership for the future EcoSystem

January 2023

Our team set-up and commercial preparation

May 2024

Priority opening for Token holders

June 2024

Start Token Sale Round (2)

Octorber 2025

Blockchain usage announcement for global Network

December 2025

Operational Launch United States to general

Investment Plans

Below is the plan chosen by many investors

Daily income 13.25%
1 Month≈ 300%
3 Month≈ 900%


Invest from $500 - $24999
Return Daily profit
Return of Capital Anytime
Profit bonus Yes
Compound Mode No
Daily income 22.14%
1 Month≈ 450%
3 Month≈ 1200%


Invest from $25,000 - $49,999
Return Daily profit
Return of Capital Anytime
Profit bonus +5%
Compound Mode Activated Weekly
Daily income 20.4%
1 Month≈ 600%
3 Month≈1800%


Invest from $50,000 - $1,000,000
Return Daily profit
Return of Capital Anytime
Profit bonus +10%
Compound Mode Activated Daily

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Referral commission

Initial default commission is 7-5-3% but when your direct subordinate (F1) deposits investment amount reach $50,000 then below advanced commission level will be activated with 15-10-5%



News about us and the investment market


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Customer Experience

Experiences and reviews about our platform

Scott Beasley

I have been with Modern Stock Exchange for3 months and have found the investment to be first-class in terms of return and transparency. I sincerely hope Modern Stock Exchange becomes a long term investment for all.

Brünhild Steyer
Real Estate Sales

I am an office worker and I have invested some of my savings in Modern Stock Exchange. I appreciate and commend all you do. You always try to protect our investment, make a profit and stay stable

Fried Helm
Crypto Trader

In the fast-paced, and risky world of cryptocurrency. Modern Stock Exchange becomes a genuine passive income machine with a sustainable and affordable model! Also, proud of their core work doing in a war like this


Below are frequently asked questions. If you still have not answered your question please contact our support.

How Modern Stock Exchange makes profit?'

Modern Stock Exchange participates in cloud mining and professional mining server system. Along with using Quantum AI technology, developed by experts in WEB3 and cryptocurrency trading. We receive investments to develop mining systems worldwide. The cryptocurrency we mined will be reinvested in the crypto market and bring great profit for us as well as our esteemed investors.

Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Tether(USDT), Binance coin(BNB), Terra(LUNA), DogeCoin(DOGE)

To claim the bonus you need to see our Bounty section and meet the general conditions. You need to prepare proof that you have run ads or rated or posted a video review with screenshots, links or pdf files if available along with your account username. Our marketing department after verifying and evaluating the quality. We will add it directly to your Username. You can use the money to invest or to withdraw.

We are a collection of experts in the fields of information technology and finance. With the cryptocurrency market very potential for the future, we have created AI technology combined with a super powerful cryptocurrency mining server system. But in order to optimize the costs and strict regulations in countries on cryptocurrency mining, anonymization of company information is essential to protect investors.

In short: we are developing more mining apps on all platforms. In addition to investment customers can self-exploit through our application incorporating AI technology.'
Long term: We create our own cryptocurrency combined with the binance ecosystem. Aggregate and integrate Yield and asset types. And develop its own cryptocurrency trading system that generates an annual profit of 300 million dollars.

How to withdraw money?'

You need to add your wallet address in the "Wallets" section. You can then go to "Withdraw" to select the cryptocurrency with the address you added and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

After creating a withdrawal order, you will receive your money in 20 minutes and no more than 3 hours at most.

Deposit Wallet: is the type of wallet when you deposit the amount you deposit will be located here. After depositing, you can use this wallet to choose a suitable investment plan. This wallet is not used for withdrawals.'
Profit Wallet: is the type of wallet that when you have invested, the profit every 24 hours will be transferred here. In addition, when you do not want to invest anymore but withdraw the capital you cancel the investment, the capital will be transferred to this wallet. This type of wallet is used for withdrawals.

Profit from the investment you can withdraw at any time with a minimum amount of $10.

You can cancel your investment and withdraw your capital whenever you want. Note: in the first 10 days when you cancel the investment plan, the refunded capital will be deducted 5%. After 10 days you can withdraw capital without any fee.

Once you have chosen to invest an amount in any investment plan, your and other investors is funds are combined together for us to build and develop more mining systems. So in the first 10 days we deduct 15% of the amount of that investment plan to ensure uninterrupted system construction. After 10 days you can withdraw capital without any fees.

e do not limit your deposit amount to invest. The amount to deposit each time is not more than $500,000.

After depositing how to invest?'

After depositing you go to "Plan" then choose an investment plan suitable for the amount of money you have. Next, click on the "Invest...Plan" button. A dialog box opens, enter the amount you want to invest and click the "Invest Now" button.

In the "Investing" section, there will be investment plans you have chosen to invest in. With each investment plan below each item there is a blinking button to choose from. Clicking on it will show more information about the investment along with the cancel investment button. If you want to cancel this plan, please click the "Cancel now" button, if you dont want to cancel, press the "Close" button.

You can completely choose and invest multiple investment plans. We are not limited

You will be rewarded with +5% on the amount you are investing.This is the bonus amount when you invest in Gold, Platinum and Diamond plans after a period of time. Why Bonus: This is our bonus fund that gives back to professional investors more after a period of investment. This bonus you can use to reinvest or to withdraw.

With investment plans "BETA" and "MEGA" Compound Mode will be activated. That is, the weekly and daily interest will automatically add to the capital of the investment plan to create compound interest. This creates excellent returns for our investors.

What is Modern Stock Exchange is Referral Program?

We have a Referral Program that receives a referral commission with 3 levels of 7-5-3%. After your subordinate makes a deposit, you will immediately receive a commission equal to 7% of your subordinates deposit with (F1) or 5% with (F2) and 3% with (F3).

You can increase the commission received from 7-5-3% to 4 levels: 15-10-5% when your direct subordinate (F1) deposits over $3,000. Then the advanced referral program mode will be activated.

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